3+ years

    From around three years and above, children go into swimming lessons on their own, without their parents.

    Our learn to swim program provides great opportunities for children to develop life-saving water safety and survival skills and become competent swimmers in a tension free, fun and exciting environment.

    We teach survival skills at every level. We spend a minimum of 10 minutes per lesson in deep water, where we teach treading water, deep water recovery (safety circle), mobility on front and back until children have achieved 2 minutes treading water.

    Children learn by doing, so we make sure your children have maximum participation time in every lesson, which helps them progress faster. Your child will be assessed during every lesson, and once they have achieved the skills of that level they will be moved up. If you're ever wondering what is left to achieve, have a chat with our deck manager who can run you through what the teacher has observed/assessed. 

    Through our Learner Program, we'll help your children reach their Swordy 1km. This is not only a GREAT achievement, but also a great indicator that they are proficient swimmers and a goal to aim before exiting lessons. Parents often cease lessons when they feel comfortable with their children's level of competency in the water, but studies have shown that parents often overestimate their children's swimming and safety abilities. That's why we've made Swordy 1km an achievable goal for all our swimmers.

    Along with these big achievements, all our swimmers receive regular incentives throughout their aquatic education that celebrate their small successes as well.

    The program consists of 14 levels, encompassing all abilities; from beginners who are just learning to love the water, through to competent swimmers (squad level) who are able to achieve amazing things like open water swims, 1km medals and their Swimland Diploma.



    All levels welcome!

    Being in and around water is such a great part of living in Australia, but we understand that some people’s swimming abilities prevent them from achieving what they would like in the water and from engaging in these wonderful experiences.

    We offer adult classes for all levels, from non-swimmers through to those looking for technique refinement.

    So whether your goal is to complete a triathlon, go surfing, or simply play with your family comfortably at the beach or pool, we have lessons to suit your needs!



    Current & New swimmers welcome

    During the school holidays we hold intensive Holiday Programs at our swim centres.

    Our Holiday Programs provide intensive swimming instruction and practice, with a view to accelerating the development of swim and survival skills. The program provides excellent development opportunities while providing a fun way for kids to enjoy their school holidays.

    Classes are run over consecutive days across the course of a week and are open to current and non-current customers.

    Imagine the improvement you'll see over five consecutive days of swimming! It's the equivalent of 5 weeks of swimming in 5 days!



    4 months - 3 years

    Our babies swimming program is aimed at babies from four months to three years. It is a great, fun way to introduce your baby, to all the exciting adventures they can experience in the water.

    Research (Griffith University 2013) has shown that children who participate in early swimming lessons reach many developmental milestones earlier than their peers, both in and out of the pool.

    The classes focus on water awareness, mobility, safety and survival. You will learn how to build on their learning from land into water using colours, shapes, sounds and touch.

    As a parent or carer, you get to be in the water with your little one enjoying this bonding experience together and sharing some special one-on-one time.

    Our teachers are specially trained to understand your child’s needs, with the aim of having your child to be able to swim independently unaided and transition smoothly into our un-parented program at the age of three.

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