What's different about us

We do things differently to get different results.

Our goal is to teach children the skills they need to be safer swimmers. We do that by teaching them the survival skills they need at each level. We teach children to tread water, to get to the edge of a pool and get out, we simulate falling into the deep end and how to recover so if they were to fall in they have a base knowledge of what to do.

We assess each child during every swimming lesson, so there's no waiting around in the wrong level. As soon as your child has acquired the skills of their current level they will be moved up.

We make sure your kids have maximum participation time in every lesson, which also helps them progress faster.

We use teaching aids to minimise stress, which maximises the movement and fast-tracks learning. Low tension levels have been proved to result in an increase in coordination, so we encourage low tension through the use of teaching aids.


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