Paul Sadler Swimland is proud of its reputation for providing a fun, exciting environment for its highly valued staff to work in.

Whether it be in the water as a swimming teacher, in reception on our customer service team or even joining on a traineeship scheme…Paul Sadler Swimland has many great opportunities to experience job satisfaction.

If you have had no previous experience in the aquatic industry – don’t worry. We provide a world class training program that takes an absolute beginner through the steps to become a highly skilled teacher or customer service team member.

We’re looking for people who want to grow with us, as we expand across Australia and take our product overseas.

If you’d like to join this winning team, inspire others and forge yourself an enviable career path, Paul Sadler Swimland is your future.

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“The Paul Sadler Swimland experience is the best I have witnessed both in Australia and overseas. Their unwavering commitment to their clients is underpinned by their genuine dedication in bringing together a team of dedicated and caring professionals.”
Bruce Sullivan – International Keynote Speaker

Management Opportunities

Paul Sadler Swimland’s high-quality training is respected both inside and outside the learn-to-swim industry throughout Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

The effecPaul Sadlertiveness of this training is demonstrated in the career progression of our Swim School Managers, the majority of whom started their careers with PSS at entry level as swim teachers. In addition to this, our training has supported appropriately skilled people who have been new to the industry to forge a successful career in management.

We know that employers respect the value of a previous position with Paul Sadler Swimland on an applicant’s resume, and appreciate the skills and values an individual will have developed while working for us.

The success of the Paul Sadler Swimland brand is dependent on our selection of motivated, well-trained people who share our vision of being the industry leader worldwide.

If you are thinking about a career with Paul Sadler Swimland and would like some more information about how you can make this happen, please contact us.

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Why Swimland?

What is a Deck Supervisor?

Deck Supervisors are the super friendly staff in the red shirts on pool deck. They are there to answer any questions you have about your swimmer‘s progress or about our program and to support our teachers to provide great lessons. They love to talk swimming, so please go and see them if you have any queries.

Why do we use teaching aids?

There are many ways to teach children about safety in water. Our approach, using flotation as a teaching aid, has produced excellent results.

It is proven that low stress levels increase coordination, so at Swimland, we encourage low stress with the use of teaching aids (floaties, back bubbles, kickboards, noodles etc). As a child becomes more confident, and therefore less stressed, we reduce the amount of teaching aids the child uses. We have also found that swimmers who are less stressed progress faster.

Our swimmers still have plenty of aid-free time, and we practise safety circles to teach the children how to swim back to the edge of the pool without help in case they were to fall in.

How often should my child come to swimming lessons?

Coming to swimming lessons once a week, on a year round basis, is awesome for swimmer progress. Swimming every week, all year round, will see your child really develop and get the most out of the fun programs we offer.


How long does it take to learn to swim?

On average, it takes around 20 lessons to achieve the next certificate, but sometimes it can take a little longer. Every child is different, and it’s important for parents to remember that some skills will come easily to their child while others will be a little more challenging.

If your swimmer has been at the same level for a while or is finding a skill a little difficult, our Deck Supervisor will talk to you about some strategies to help them move forward and will be working with your teacher to ensure your swimmer continues to progress. At Swimland, we will always offer extra support to those who need it.

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

Our Deck Supervisors constantly monitor the progress of all children participating in lessons. They are a great resource for parents who want regular updates, as they have the experience and, importantly, the time to answer any questions you may have. The Deck supervisor can also chat with the teacher about any specific queries you may have and get back to you with the answer.

What should I bring to swimming lessons?

We provide all of the equipment and teaching aids you and your child need to have a great, fun lesson. All you need to bring is bathers, a towel and goggles for swimmers at Maxi-Pink level or above

Little ones under three should also wear either a swim nappy or swim wear that is firm fitting around the legs.